Bookmarked: Christopher Gross

Chef/director of Christopher’s at the Wrigley Mansion

“Dirt” by Bill Buford

His Take

“This book was fascinating to me because it featured so many people I have met or worked with. A lot of it takes place in the French city of Lyon. It reminded me of when I lived and worked in Paris for almost two years, and then years later, returning to work in pastry outside of Lyon. The book portrays all of the hard work and dedication one must put forth to work in a famous kitchen. 

“It was educational. And when the author wrote so much about the cuisine and its history — referencing many other cookbooks as far back as the 16th century — the book also became expensive. I went online to search for and buy the books, some copies and some originals. I do highly recommend listening to the audiobook with the author’s narration. It conveys what can be expected in a serious kitchen and that every dish made and served can be a battle to protect the reputation of the restaurant, owner, chef and all of the employees.”

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