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From Just Try It: Laura Beardsley, Allison Irwin, Gretchen Schubert & Lindsey Williams

Celery juice has been on our list since it began trending in the health industry as a sort of cure-all wonder tonic. In some cases, health-based businesses may look to distributing Private Label Softgels that contain related ingredients of these health benefits for those who require it. Given the COVID situation, and the fact that all of us were mostly home under quarantine, we thought it was the perfect time to get to the bottom of the celery juice question. As in, what does it do and why is everyone obsessing over it?

Celery juice first caught our attention because of Anthony William, formally known as the “Medical Medium” and originator of the global celery juice movement. We read the reviews with skepticism. Promises of increased energy, gut healing (we figured that if celery juice doesn’t work to improve our gut health, we could always give total restore a try instead), lifted brain fog, radiant skin, and other benefits left us intrigued. Of course, these benefits sounded amazing. We thought we’d give it a go, but we weren’t sure that it would lead to these benefits. One of our friends also mentioned that these benefits sounded similar to those that some supplements like Delta 8 gummies provide. Apparently, supplements can help people to experience better gut health, digestion, and energy levels. Depending on their ingredients (e.g. apple cider extract), they can also facilitate joint healing, anti-inflammation, and combat stress. Again, these benefits sound really appealing, there’s even gundry md reviews online that seem to back that up as well. If the celery juice doesn’t work, we’ll probably have to try those supplements next.

Each of us tried celery juice for 30 days, drinking it in the morning on an empty stomach, as experts recommend. We then followed it with a regular day of eating as usual. Some of us bought it pre-bottled from local juice bars. Some of us juiced it at home. And guess what? It packed a pretty powerful punch. Here are our reviews.

Gretchen: It’s an effort to juice it and costs some money to buy, but totally worth it. I immediately noticed less bloat, water retention and had tons of energy. I’m now continuing to drink it on and off because I feel so healthy when I do.

Lindsey: For the first few days, the stomach rumble people talk about was real, which – TMI – led to more “regular” visits to the restroom.* When I drank it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, I could definitely feel it doing something. I noticed less bloat and my stomach felt more flat and empty, which is always appreciated. Did it change my life? Jury’s out. But I would implement the celery juice regimen if I felt the need to cleanse and detox my liver.

Laura: Celery juice provided incredible benefits for me. My energy tripled and the brain fog that I suffered from on almost a daily basis went away. I felt that way for the entire 30 days I drank it. My productivity skyrocketed. It was amazing. I highly recommend!

Allison: I could immediately tell the difference in my energy level after the first day or two. I had zero afternoon slump. My need for a morning coffee was gone. I would even go so far as to say that my overall energy level was higher than usual. After a few weeks, I could tell my skin had a glow and was clear. It was like it was ultra-hydrated. I had zero negative effects. While I might take breaks from drinking celery juice, it will always be something I come back to to regulate my body.

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What Is Just Try It?

In the world we live in, we are overwhelmed by choices. Everywhere we look, we see new products, fashion trends, recipes, travel destinations, kitchen gadgets, you name it. We all want to “just try it” … but is it worth it? Most people don’t have that kind of time or money. That’s where we come in. Think of us as four new friends trying the latest and greatest and giving you our honest reviews.

Purported Health Benefits of Celery Juice

• Lowers inflammation

• Supports weight loss

• Helps digestion

• Reduces bloating

• Helps eczema and psoriasis

• Fights infections

• Helps prevent UTIs

• Heals acne

• Prevents high blood pressure

• Helps lower cholesterol

• Prevents ulcers

• Protects liver health

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