Pro Tip of the Month: Switch to Non-Toxic Products

This month’s tip comes courtesy of Ashley Plum, the executive director of Check for a Lump

“We all know chemicals are bad for us. Some we can avoid, like items we use in our house, on our bodies and what we consume; others we cannot avoid, like pollution. It can feel overwhelming — and expensive — to switch out all your products for non-toxic versions. It doesn’t have to be! Simply change out your products one at a time. Label products that need to be replaced with safer items after they are gone with a Sharpie or sticker. Once the product is finished, toss it and replace it with a non-toxic product. I love the Yuka app to find non-toxic products. I just scan my product’s barcode, review its rating, then select a new one from their suggestions if it is toxic. I encourage you to start today by looking up some of the products you use daily and replacing one that is toxic.”

Check for a Lump provides free breast health education, mammograms, testing and direct assistance to breast cancer patients, with wigs, support and resources in Arizona. For more behind this Frontdoor, visit

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