Pro Tip of the Month: Listening Leads to Healthy Culture

This month’s tip comes courtesy of Tamara “Tami” Bohannon, president & CEO of FSL

“Best-selling author Pat Lencioni tells us that a business with a smart culture can succeed, but when you have a smart and healthy culture, your organization will EXCEL. I’m a big believer in creating a healthy work culture, the foundation of which is building trust. You build trust by asking good questions, listening, and being available for follow-up.

If someone looks upset, say: “You look upset to me; what’s going on?” Then be quiet and let them answer. If you get an “I’m OK,” let them know you are available if they want to talk further. Here’s to using our two ears more than our one mouth.”

Founded in 1974, FSL (Foundation for Senior Living) provides home and community-based services and develops energy-efficient, affordable housing to promote health, independence and dignity for all. For more behind this Frontdoor, visit

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