Pro Tip of the Month: Learn About Where You Live

This month’s tip comes courtesy of Merilee Baptiste, the executive director of Midwest Food Bank.

As a member of your community, you have an amazing opportunity to learn about where you live. You may be surprised to learn about the history, development and offerings all around you! Here are three ways to learn more:

  • Visit the Chamber of Commerce: Leverage the resources available through the local chamber by visiting their office, reviewing their website or joining. You may be pleasantly surprised by all the things happening and find a few you might be interested in participating in.
  • Volunteer at a Local Nonprofit: Each community has multiple nonprofits that likely need volunteers. Find hundreds of volunteer opportunities posted on, or a specific nonprofit’s website. You will be serving your community and find yourself an important part of improving the lives of others.
  • Visit Recreation Centers: Visit a local rec center to learn about various classes offered, signature events planned or to mingle with other community members. You’ll enjoy meeting new people while learning a new skill or engaging in wellness activities.

As a faith-based organization, Midwest Food Bank strives to provide industry-leading food relief to those in need while feeding them spiritually. For more behind this Frontdoor, visit

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