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Summer days are a love, not-so-love situation in the Valley of the Sun. Vacation vibes and the ease of the season make routines a tad more challenging to adhere to — including staying committed to skincare regimens. We recently shared the importance of sunscreen and vitamin C in our Love the Skin You’re In series. Now, it’s hydration time.

As desert dwellers, we need to bring our “A” game all year long. However, we’ve made it as easy as a sweet summer day to nourish your face and body with our top moisturizing picks.

HONEY HALO ceramide face moisturizer: If you haven’t tried the Farmacy Beauty line, you’re missing out. Cultivating farm-sourced products potent enough to level up your skincare from the inside out is part of the company’s mission. One of the line’s best sellers is its ultra-hydrating moisturizer, clinically proven to visibly plump, smooth, hydrate and renew facial skin. Honey and fig extract are key ingredients that replenish the skin barrier, while shea butter and vitamin E lock in moisture. With four sizes to choose from, you won’t break the bank trying this dreamy self-care product this season. farmacybeauty

The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5: If you are one of the few who has managed to evade the incessant reach of skincare messaging in the world today, the words ‘hyaluronic acid’ may sound like an ingredient in a chemistry experiment. Do you really need it, and why does it exist? That depends. Many of your products may already contain the wonder hydrator, in which case, you’re on top of it. If not, and you’re looking for a standalone to add to your routine, I like The Ordinary’s formula because it is extremely affordable, and it works! Hyaluronic acid helps provide hydration to multiple layers of the skin surface. It binds to water, so using it after cleansing creates a time-extended water supply to the skin’s surface. The Ordinary’s formula is lightweight and works with all skin types. The company states its product makes for plump-looking skin while prolonging the hydration effect. More moisture? Yes, please! But what I like most of all is it works and is unbelievably priced at $9.90 for a starter bottle. theordinary

OSEA Undaria Algae® Body Butter: It sounds good enough to eat and spreads like a dream — OSEA body butter is the one to reach for post pool, ocean, river — wherever the summer takes you. Made with ceramides that melt into the skin, the OSEA brand does moisture like no other. Seaweed-infused and made in Southern California, it comes from a company that launched in the 90s with the belief that the sea has healing powers. Boasting hydration for 72 hours, the body butter firms, moisturizes and includes a yummy scent profile of grapefruit, lime and cypress with mango and mandarin notes. Sold at luxury department stores and online, a 6.7-ounce supply is affordable at $56. oseamalibu

Stay tuned for more in our skincare series — we’re diving into the world of eye creams next as we focus (pun intended) on why you shouldn’t neglect the most delicate skin on your pretty face.

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