Hospice of the Valley Offering Free Wellness Programs

Hospice of the Valley is offering wellness programs for caregivers, all for free. The programs are designed to help dementia caregivers reduce stress and find balance and community. The programs aim to educate caregivers on how to take care of themselves and provide the best care for their loved ones.

Virtual Mindfulness Sessions

HOV offers mindfulness sessions each Thursday and Saturday, led by professionals in the field. Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) is a proven method to help reduce anxiety, insomnia, high blood pressure and more. Participants learn how to be more present in the moment and respond to stressful situations that will arise in everyday life.

“A caregiver’s ability to keep a family member at home depends not just on education, but even more on the caregiver’s ability to develop the personal resilience to the unique stresses of caregiving for a person with dementia,” said Kristen Pierson, director of education at Hospice of the Valley’s Dementia Care and Education Campus.

These sessions are open to everyone, and no registration is needed.

Learn more at hov.org/our-care/mindfulness

Dementia Bytes

Created for caregivers who can’t attend in-person sessions, Dementia Bytes is a free resource offering virtual dementia education. Topics and presenters vary by week and include subjects like Communication Tips & Techniques, Interpreting the Language of Distress and more. Held at noon on Thursdays, the program offers 30 minutes of education followed by a 15-minute Q&A session.

Learn more at dementiacampus.org/care-at-the-campus/community-classes

Memory Café

Located at the Dementia Care Education Campus, the Memory Café allows caregivers to attend a support group while their loved ones participate in activities led by professional caregivers just a room away. Originating in Europe, memory cafés allow those experiencing dementia and their caregivers to connect with others and find support systems.

“We all meet together and get started with an icebreaker. We then break into our groups; care partners join a facilitated support group while the person living with dementia is given an array of options to participate in,” Pierson said.

Activities offered to those with dementia at the Memory Café include art projects, light fitness, dancing, pet therapy, learning sessions or games. 

“Music resonates with all of us, including people living with any stage of dementia,” said Pierson. “We may be singing songs, playing instruments or doing the cha-cha! The goal is to have fun and connect.”

Learn more at dementiacampus.org/care-at-the-campus/memory-café

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