New in Town: Elliott’s Steakhouse Brings Elevated Dining to Downtown Chandler

Elliott’s Steakhouse opened in downtown Chandler in August 2023, close to its popular sister restaurants, the Brickyard and the Hidden House.

“Elliott’s Steakhouse brings an elevated dining experience to downtown Chandler, with a focus on quality food and exceptional service in a beautiful setting,” said Michael Regan, director of operations for the restaurant group that owns Elliott’s Steakhouse, the Brickyard and the Hidden House.

In addition to the steaks, popular menu items at Elliott’s Steakhouse include Chilean sea bass with caramelized leek risotto, beef tartare with bone marrow and lobster bisque. “We offer classic steakhouse dishes as well as some unique menu items,” Regan said.

Like its sister restaurants, Elliott’s Steakhouse has a robust cocktail program with signature creations as well as classic favorites from margaritas to Manhattans. One of the standout signature cocktails is the Vaudeville Old Fashioned, which is smoked tableside with maple wood and features pecan bitters.

The restaurant has a rich history as the building is over 100 years old and was previously a grocery store and a movie theater. Some of the original features, like exposed brick, are complemented by dark tones, greenery, natural woods, a large bar and a staircase that leads to a mezzanine and private dining room. The restaurant is named in memory of Elliott Hall, one of the restaurant group’s business partners and a longtime pillar of the Chandler community.

Since the restaurant opened, it has been getting rave reviews and is already seeing repeat guests. “We are getting great feedback on the food, service and ambiance,” Regan said. “Some guests are coming in a few times a week. Locals are excited to have this kind of dining experience nearby without having to travel to other parts of the Valley.”

Regan has seen the downtown Chandler culinary scene evolve in the past few years. “More people are coming to downtown Chandler from the East Valley and other areas to experience the wide range of options from breweries and bar food to upscale dining. We are excited about it and will continue to bring passion to every project,” he said.

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