New in Town: Coabana Offers a Taste of the Tropics in Downtown Phoenix

Coabana brings tropical vacation vibes to the downtown Phoenix cocktail scene from the décor and music to the menu.

Coabana opened in October 2022 by the company that owns some of the Valley’s most acclaimed bars, including the Whining Pig, Pigtails, Rough Rider and Teddy’s Preserve, which opened earlier this year.

Cuban-inspired Coabana is located very close to Pigtails’ CityScape location. “We had a ton of overflow from Pigtails, so we wanted to create a place nearby offering a whole new experience. Coabana offers something bright and fun while Pigtails is dark and mysterious so that guests can choose their own adventure,” said Kyla Hein, owner and beverage director.

Coabana’s menu complements the theme with dishes like guava and cheese empanadas, tostones, ham and cheese croquettes, ceviche and a Cuban sandwich. Craft cocktail offerings include the Movie Star with a blend of Mexican rums and hibiscus grenadine, the Viejo with rum and sparkling cava, and the Cuban Link with rum, coconut and passion fruit. Guests can also enjoy classic libations like mojitos, daiquiris and piña coladas, as well as espresso drinks.

The menu and atmosphere at Coabana can transport guests to another time and place with attentive and knowledgeable service. “When guests visit Coabana, they can expect an immersive experience with amazing food and cocktails, and warm hospitality,” Hein said.

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