notMYkid Launches AmeriCorps Program Addressing Critical Needs

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notMYkid is introducing an AmeriCorps program providing peer support for teens and navigation services for families in Maricopa County. The program utilizes part-time members to provide support, education and resources to help children and youth navigate difficult situations, prevent substance-use disorder and reach their full potential through positive life choices. notMYkid will partner with schools, community organizations and healthcare providers to identify the most effective places and points of contact so they can station AmeriCorps members at those locations. Program support is provided through a $224,940 grant from the Governor’s Office of Youth, Faith and Family. 

“As kids continue to encounter difficult situations in their lives, the need for touchpoints in our communities grows,” said Sarah Grado, COO of notMYkid. “This award allows notMYkid to take further steps to address that need with a comprehensive response that not only educates but provides a safe place for students to ask for help if they or someone they know is struggling with a substance-use or mental-health issue.”

notMYkid is recruiting 30 part-time AmeriCorps members for 20 hours per week. These young adults in recovery and people with experience navigating the behavioral health system will work at key locations in local communities. Members are considered volunteers who receive a living allowance and an education award after completing a year of service.

Founded in 2000, notMYkid is dedicated to inspiring positive life choices. The nonprofit works to educate and protect our community’s kids by providing a full continuum of life-saving prevention, early intervention, behavioral health support and wellness programs. Their team of prevention and behavioral health experts help youth overcome challenges during their most vulnerable years. Programs are traditionally delivered in schools, community organizations, in the workplace and direct to devices via podcasts and webinars. 

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