Jewel Ya Founder Encourages Businesses to Give Back

By Jamie Killin
Julia Winter has been operating her jewelry company, Jewel Ya for 13 years, creating fine jewelry that her clients have been wearing for over a decade, but she’s done a lot more than that — she’s made a difference by giving back.
Winter has also been focused on community. In high school, she volunteered at a home for the elderly, and before she began her business she supported causes like Fresh Start and the Ryan House, but it was through Jewel Ya that she’s been able to make her biggest impact.
“What I like to do is get in, do something, make a difference and pop in and out as I can,” she said. “Give with your hands and your heart and not always necessarily financially. I can’t always give with my funds, but I can always give with my talent and my time and you know once I got into the jewelry there was this expanded way to help, to be part of something.”
Through Jewel Ya, Winter has continued to give back to multiple organizations, especially those relating to women and children and prides herself on being able to utilize her business to help others.
“I can support most causes and say yes to most causes with my jewelry,” she said.
For Winter, the time she spends giving back always results in more, more connections and opportunities.
“I am so thankful for my business, it gives me an avenue to so many more things that are going on, so many more people, so many more causes and you just can’t help but get involved,” Winter said.
Now, Winter wants to encourage other businesses to give back too, by guiding them through the process as a mentor.
“If there’s any way you can be supportive at all it doesn’t always have to be with cash,” she said. “If there’s a way you can be supportive or if there’s a way you can encourage or share about a cause, you should do it.”

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