Easing the Strain on Today’s Teenagers in 12 Steps

The teen years are undeniably stressful, and today’s teenagers have concerns and influences surrounding them that their parents never had to face. Dealing with physical, mental, emotional, social and psychological changes is difficult for anyone, but teenagers face additional hardships in doing so simply because they lack the experience and brain development that older adults have.  

Regrettably, the challenges facing today’s teenagers are increasing, with the American Psychological Association reporting that teenagers are now more stressed and more likely to have mental health issues than those in any other age group. Teens have also experienced a notable uptick since 2005 in the number of them experiencing depression, psychological distress or suicidal thoughts. The ongoing global coronavirus pandemic is further complicating matters, leaving many teenagers wondering whether they will be able to graduate, make money and spend time with their friends and loved ones.

There are, however, some steps parents and other adults can take to help reduce the stresses felt by today’s teens. Shane Watson, a public information specialist officer and prevention specialist with NotMyKid.org, has compiled 12 different ways parents, grandparents, counselors, teachers or other trusted adults can improve their communications with teenagers and serve as positive influences for this age group. To view them in their entirety, visit NotMyKid.org.  

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