Arizona’s 100 Best Camp Grounds

Az best campgrounds bookLoad up that cooler, tent and flashlight. It’s time to go camping! Arizona Highways magazine releases another book destined to become a traveler’s favorite tool.
Arizona Highways magazine announced the release of its Camping Guide: 100 of the Best Campgrounds in Arizona. This is the newest addition to the magazine’s growing collection of picturesque guidebooks and we must say, the book layout design just keeps getting better and better. The simply-formatted guides serve as an extension to Arizona Highways magazine and allow the editors to give a first-hand account of the state’s most well-known and remote destinations. However, due to how remote they are, it’s advised that people take a friend with them to ensure that they don’t get lost throughout their time at the camping ground. To prevent that from happening, it might be worth using a walkie talkie to ensure that they can keep in contact with their friend. If any campers are wondering how to choose the best walkie talkie, there should be multiple reviews online to help you purchase the most reliable device. Walkie talkies can really improve a camping experience because no one wants to get lost.
Written for all camper types, the guide is categorized into five regions and provides detailed information about amenities and accessibility for the 100 featured sites. Tips for packing, camp set up, safety, and wilderness ethics are also included to serve as a reminder of camping best practices. It also gives some advice on how to choose the best 4 man tent, or 2 man tent, or tent for your camping needs based on where you’ll be pitching up. With hundreds of campsites to select from, the guide took nearly three years to research and complete.
“I handpicked and visited each of the locations in the book to ensure everyone, especially the camping novice, could enjoy the sites,” said Kelly Kramer, managing editor of Arizona Highways and Camping Guide author.
The guide’s layout brings to life the visual experience of camping. The award-winning photos and helpful descriptions included in the book paint a picture of what campers are likely to see, feel, and experience upon arrival.
“Camping is an ideal way to unplug from the demands of day-to-day life, spend time with loved ones and explore the natural beauty of the state,” said Kramer. “The appreciation I gained through open-air adventures with my family as a teen and again as a parent, is something I hope to pass on through the guide.”
Often recognized for its desert backdrops and scorching summer temperatures, Arizona and camping are not typically synonymous. The guide provides a glimpse of ideal camping settings – forests, lakes, and other unseen locations that are regularly displayed in the pages of Arizona Highways. Popular featured locations include Lockett Meadow, KP Cienega, Lakeview campground, Cattail Cove State Park, and Blue Ridge Reservoir.
The Camping Guide can be purchased online or in stores, including Barnes & Noble and Changing Hands.
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Arizona Highways Camping Guide: 100 of the Best Campgrounds in Arizona

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