‘Van Gogh Alive’ debuts at Arizona Science Center

At its annual fundraiser, Galaxy Gala, on Feb. 11, the Arizona Science Center will unveil the North American debut of Van Gogh Alive – The Exhibition, a multi-media interpretation of van Gogh’s artwork, showcasing the intersection of science and art in a whole new way. Van Gogh Alive immerses visitors in audio-video technology that includes light, sound, movement and color to showcase more than 3,000 van Gogh images. The exhibit opens to the public Feb. 13 and will run through June 17.


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For more on van Gogh, read “In the Eye of His Storms, regarding "Van Gogh Up Close," a new exhibit at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. The collection focuses on van Gogh’s relationship with nature and the way the natural landscape both inspired and calmed the artist.





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