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Mom, Madre, Matka, Ibu, Mère, Mama — any way you say it, there is no other like a mother. And though time together is usually all a mama needs, thoughtful gifts never hurt. Now is the time to start thinking about the one who carries the nurturing title with pride, love and joy. Mother’s Day is May 14, and, as a mother does, we’re lending a hand on gift ideas that will delight, while focusing on health and wellness to celebrate that marvelous matriarch in your life.


Strong and Stylish
Pretty like mom, these thoughtfully designed resistance bangles will remind dear mother to make time for her lovely bones. Available in an array of modern pastels and black, Bala Bangles come in one-half, one-, or two-pound weights and are uber comfortable to wear on wrists or ankles. Adding extra resistance, mom can easily hook and loop a pair on for yoga, strength training or walking wherever she may please. Steel weights wrapped in baby-soft silicone come in a pair and travel well with a carrying case included with purchase.

“Mom, What’s for Dinner?!”
Let’s flip the script. Imagine the look on mom’s face when you give her the gift of nourishment — that she doesn’t have to make. Daily Harvest is the answer to madre’s healthy breakfast, snack or light meal. With a mission to make it easy to eat more fruits and vegetables, the subscription food delivery service focuses on human and planetary health “one crop (and box) at a time.” Plant-based recipes are nutritious, delicious (according to those we’ve personally surveyed) and easy to store and consume. Superfood-based and pre-portioned no-cook recipes, including smoothies, soups, energy bites and hearty bowls, all come frozen; you defrost as needed. Prices range from approximately $6.99-$7.75 per cup and $65-$120 a month.

On Mom Time

Treadmills, rowers and bikes — oh my! For the mama who is on the go but can’t seem to physically go to a gym or studio, equipment from NordicTrack may be the answer. Sure, there’s the possibility of in-home fitness equipment morphing into a large hamper, but have faith! The interactive nature of an iFit membership includes motivating, on-demand training and might be what mom needs to keep moving, relegating clothing to its rightful place. If manual is more her speed, mom can run, hike, row or ride without purchasing the approximately $180 annual iFit subscription. NordicTrack equipment is aesthetically pleasing, and some machines fold up to save space.

Equipment pricing starts at approximately $1,000 and varies with model and capability.

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