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On TV, social media, in pharmacies, shopping centers, airports, gyms — you’ve likely noticed, skincare is a thing. There’s no escaping the popularity of ritual-centric products and potions or the prevalence of an industry taking over our collective cerebral real estate. According to Allied Market Research, the global skincare market was valued at roughly $146 billion in 2021 and is projected to reach approximately $273 billion by 2031. That’s big business but can also lead to big-time confusion in the bustling, prolific skincare space.

With summer temps and casual attitudes nearly here, we sought to distill the must-haves in your arsenal of skincare products, focusing on your face. Dialing in on protection and prevention, we rounded up two skincare category favorites in the first of our “Love the Skin You’re In” series, listing must-have items to simplify routines and maximize results.


Year-round, protecting skin is non-negotiable. Sunscreen is arguably the most important product in your skincare arsenal as it provides a barrier against UV radiation. From creams to powder applications, all sunscreens work by either reflecting or absorbing harmful UV rays, keeping them from reaching the skin’s DNA, ultimately allowing your skin barrier to sustain its strength. Sunscreen can help prevent skin cancer and, bonus, stave off premature aging. Here are a few sunscreen products we like:

My latest go-to is this mineral-based, lightweight formula, which blends seamlessly with darker skin tones without leaving a white cast. It also contains antioxidants to shield skin from environmental aggressors, has an SPF of 50 and costs approximately $50.

Hear me out, yes, designed for babes’ tender skin without breaking the bank, this sunscreen is a fabulous option for sensitive skin, is tear-free and water-resistant for 80 minutes. Slather up the kids and yourself all at once and you’re on your way.

Skinbetter science is a tried-and-true medical-grade skincare line, so naturally products are results-oriented and perfected by substantial research. The company’s sunbetter Tone Smart sunscreen lotion is creamy, tone-adapting and adds a little coverage with its hint of color. The formula is free of pore-clogging oils and a major time-saver as it acts as a primer under makeup or in place of light foundation. Priced at $75 for 50 ml., this is one to love if you are in the mood to splurge.


An original in the antioxidant game, vitamin C protects skin from environmental factors in life like chemicals, car exhaust, cigarette smoke — pesky free radicals that dull skin and break down the good stuff faster. Adding a vitamin C serum to your daily repertoire can boost skin brightness, help repair sun-damage and reduce pigment spots. We like the following:

Pricey, but one I can’t get away from no matter how many substitutes I try. SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic is high-grade at 15 percent vitamin C and includes ferulic acid, enhancing the magic of the antioxidant and its stability. Often recommended, this SkinCeuticals product is paraben-free and ideal for normal, dry and sensitive skin types. Also tested suitable for post-laser use, the splurge-worthy serum costs $182 for 30 ml.

Clean, sensitive-skin friendly and free of ingredients banned in the EU and USA, Maelove is a science-based skincare line to watch. The Glow Maker Vitamin C checks all the boxes of antioxidant benefits, including stimulating collagen, reducing fine lines and fast absorption. Priced at $32.95 for 30 ml, Maelove is a solid, affordable option.

Touting brightening power and radiance in only seven days, this French beauty company’s vitamin C complex includes superfruits to target dull skin. The plant-powered, intensive formula is designed for daily use for one week. According to the company, use the serum morning and night every day for one week, and voila! — your skin will have a brighter, radiant glow.

But wait — there’s more! Keep up with The Knock to read the next must-haves in our “Love the Skin You’re In” series. (Hint: Hydration is everything.)

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