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Holiday cheer and family fun are abundant at the Phoenix Zoo during the annual ZooLights exhibition. Each year 3.6 million lights are used to create glistening displays around the park including glittering trees and nearly 700 light displays of animals, flowers and stars. New this year is the Music in Motion show on the park’s lake that creates amazing water reflections, featuring music by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Moving 3D displays pull visitors into the magic of the season. Children and families can also enjoy a carousel, camel rides, wagon rides and stingray bay.



The eco-friendly organization is conscious about the amount of electricity used by the displays that create one of the largest holiday light shows in the country. Greater innovation is leading to new lights that use much less electricity. In addition, SRP Earthwise Energy powers the ZooLights exhibit, which is electricity generated from clean energy sources such as the sun and the wind.



ZooLights is the largest multi-day fundraiser hosted by the Phoenix Zoo, running from Nov. 22 through Jan. 6. Each year the zoo expects 290,000 visitors who come to enjoy the exhibit and support the functions of the zoo. Tickets can be purchased at the zoo, at Fry’s stores, or online here.


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