New Interactive NASA Exhibit is Out of This World

A new interactive kiosk at Western Spirit: Scottsdale’s Museum of the West, a Smithsonian Affiliate in Scottsdale, is currently hosting “Observing With NASA” (OWN), allowing visitors to get up close and personal with the tools, data and skillsets scientists use to explore the universe.

Western Spirit’s hands-on exhibit is the only exhibit of its kind in Arizona. “Out-Of-This-World” includes fun educational activities for the entire family, inviting visitors to touch the kiosk screen and choose from a range of activities while exploring the wonder and beauty of the vast universe.

While using the kiosk, visitors will draw on NASA data to: Find the Apollo Site, Create Your Own Masterpiece, Animate Images Over Time, Reveal an Image Using “Invisible Light” and Explore the Universe with a Robotic Telescope. The experience translates into becoming amateur astrophotographers, creating astropoetry, and playing a variety of puzzles and games.

Before coming back to Earth, guests can email images directly to personal devices, keeping a bit of NASA as a special keepsake.

Out of more than 100 institutions that applied, Western Spirit is proud to be one of the first 10 to host the “Observing With NASA” kiosk happening now through the end of August.

In addition, the museum is currently displaying Paul Calle’s “Life of Exploration: From the Mountains to the Moon” — tracing the career of the American painter, including his works as an official NASA artist. The exhibition features “The Great Moment,” an oil painting depicting Neil Armstrong’s first step on the moon’s surface.

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