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Photo Credit: The Frida Kahlo Corporation 

Get up close and personal with artist Frida Kahlo at the American premiere of “Frida Kahlo, An Immersive Biography,” which debuted in Phoenix on July 13 at the Walter Where?House.

The walk-through exhibition features seven interactive spaces that guests can move through to experience the life and work of the iconic 20th century Mexican artist. Through a unique combination of digital art, historical photographs, projections and VR, Kahlo’s art comes alive — various exhibits interact with guests and their movements as they pass through the gallery.

With a focus on the artist rather than the art, guests experience the most relevant moments of Kahlo’s
story through original films, digital environments, artistic installations and newly created music. There are also plenty of interactive opportunities woven throughout. In the Mexican cantina-style space, guests can color a picture of Kahlo, lay it on a projector, and see their art blown up on the wall. They can also take photos of themselves in Kahlo-inspired photo booths and settings.

The co-creation between the Frida Kahlo Corporation and Layers of Reality, a digital arts center in Spain, takes approximately 90 minutes to complete. Guests can stop at leisure as they flow through the spaces, taking in the sights and sounds that surround them.

Following its U.S. debut in Phoenix, the exhibit will continue to Latin America. Tickets start at $34.99 for adults, with discounts for students and children. Currently, the exhibit runs through the first week of August.

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