Fritz Scholder Exhibit

Scholder Indian on Galloping Horse

Indian on Galloping Horse After Remington, 1976

It’s a movement that originated and thrived in Santa Fe and its surrounding areas in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s.  As an influential teacher at the new Institute for Indian Art (IAIA) from 1964-1969 Fritz Scholder’s work, personality and teaching inspired a generation of young talent to pursue the “real Indian.”
In 1971 Fritz Scholder embarked on a journey with Tamarind Institute to create a large body of graphic work including the ground breaking Indians Forever suite.
Larsen Gallery has one of the few remaining intact Indians Forever suite available in private hands.  The suite includes 8 original lithographs completed in 1971 with Scholder’s first foray into printmaking with this venerable institution.  The relationship continued throughout the 1970’s and their collaboration produced a stunning array of graphic work.  The exhibition will include many of the works done in the 1970’s.
Scholder often created his work in series doing several states of one graphic providing the viewer and collector with an array of color subtleties of the same image.  Larsen Gallery has the complete states of Indian Cliché, The Odyssey and Happy Skies to You.  Additionally we have available some of Scholder’s most sought after graphics including Indian at the Bar, Snake Dancer and Indian Portrait in Roma from the acclaimed etching suite he did in Italy during 1978.

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