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Pickleball fever is en fuego, particularly in our corner of the country, where current temps are just right for dinking all day. As the fastest-growing sport in America for the third year in a row (according to Topline Participation’s 2023 report), approximately 8.9 million players in the United States partake in the family-oriented paddle activity, while interest has steadily inclined since its inception in the mid-1960s. The draw is multifaceted — the sport is relatively low-impact, can be played indoors or outdoors, is easy to learn for nearly all ages, and the fun factor is off the charts. And for some, it’s all about the pickleball “fits.”

From footwear to visors, functional fashion is key. Lightweight, moisture-wicking clothing and accessories that offer sun protection set players up for success on the court. We gathered some hot looks to keep you cool while scoring major style points, regardless of your pickleball prowess.

Hey Ladies … Dress(es) to Impress. One-piece dresses are convenient and sporty. We love a short-sleeve option, providing shoulder coverage and monochromatic looks. Most come with undershorts and moisture-wicking material. Look for pieces with UPF 50+, like this Lily Pulitzer option at SHOPALIX.

Pick Your Paddle. There is a method to the madness when it comes to choosing the right paddle. From beginners to expert level, options abound, depending on level, players’ physical features, etc. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t add flair and personality while you dink, serve and volley. We’re fans of the colorful paddle selection at TANGERINE. With an elongated face for improved power, a fiberglass surface to help “pop your shot,” and lightweight design for improved hand speed, Tangerine paddles are relatively affordable and USA Pickleball approved.

Footwear for the Win. Fancy footwork isn’t necessary to play pickleball; however, we are fans of athletic shoes that promote speed, agility and comfort. Look for court shoes offering lateral support to keep your heel secure, durability in the wear of the tip of the shoe to stand up to rubber court surfaces, and any shoe providing adequate ankle stability and a spring in your step. Bonus: a techy, sporty look goes a long way, too. Dick’s Sporting Goods has a wide selection of pickleball footwear styles and price options for both men and women.

Shade Like a Champ. Accessories are part of the game, especially when it comes to staying safe outdoors. What’s better than a stylish, squishable visor to protect you from sunny rays? Winning your match, you say? Yes, that too, but don’t neglect taking care of your skin while you power through your pickleball day. We love Eric Javits for all things shade-related — especially when it comes to activity. Comfortable and durable Eric Javits visors are foldable due to the designer’s patented Squishee® material and include a detachable terry forehead pad that can be removed for washing. Javits is on the pricier side of options when it comes to visors or hats, but worth the splurge considering the wearability and color offerings.

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