ARTOPIA Phoenix offers immersive, sensory experience featuring local artists

ARTOPIA Phoenix is an immersive, multidimensional art experience, located in the heart of Phoenix, developed to bring a new spark to the Phoenix art scene. Housed in a spacious warehouse and featuring a collection of interactive, all-sensory art displays, ARTOPIA is designed to be touched, heard and felt during a 45–60-minute walking tour.

The exhibit includes large-scale light art instillations, sculpture work, paintings and more, intersecting art and technology with a focus on the Arizona environment. Colors, sounds and sights throughout the various rooms of the walking tour tickle all senses and showcase art in a myriad of thought-provoking forms.

The show features the work of some of the most talented local street artists in the state, including sculptor and painter Stuart Mason, visual artist and designer Adrian Ramirez and architect turned costume designer Tarek Soliman. You can learn which local artists will be appearing in the show on Instagram (@artopia.exp).  

Phoenix is the second stop for ARTOPIA. Chicago debuted the interactive experience earlier this year and the show sold out during its run in the Windy City. ARTOPIA is suitable for all ages during the day and is 21 and older for the night experience, which offers food, drink and live performances.

Ticket pricing and more info can be found at

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