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Wellness isn’t for the faint of heart. From traditional gyms to healing practices, the wellness market is teeming with endless options to help us live our best lives. Recently, companies offering a mix of unconventional health modalities have surfaced, providing health groupies with additional experiences focused on prevention, preservation, recovery and anti-aging. We rounded up three unique businesses passionate about helping Valley residents “work it” from the inside out.

Mobile IV Therapy | IV Revival | Valleywide

Convenience and care are the focus of this fast fix for ailments like the flu and dehydration — with an objective of getting you back into the game of life quickly. Registered nurses travel to you and administer IV therapy treatments consisting of a mix of vitamins and nutrients to nourish and aid recovery. Menu options include the popular Myers Cocktail, a “fix-all” to boost immunity and help alleviate symptoms from allergies to pain and fatigue. Migraine relief, performance boosters and additional IV drips are also offered. Customizing a drip is possible, and memberships are available starting at $135 per treatment, with single treatments ranging from approximately $110 to $350, depending on your drip of choice.

Salt Therapy | Salted Desert | Peoria

Reopening its doors this year post-COVID, Jen Grant, owner of Salted Desert, shared that salt, aka halotherapy, is an anti-inflammatory, easy and relaxing process that improves health due to the benefits of sodium chloride. Grant’s Peoria location consists of private booths and salt rooms where guests take a seat, breathe and relax while soaking in the benefits of the salty air. According to Grant, salt therapy has been around for years, dating back to the 1800s in Europe. Newer to the U.S., Grant claims salting loosens congestion, eases symptoms of various skin conditions and provides anti-aging benefits. Safe for all ages, parents and children can experience a session together, with a booth visit running 10 minutes. Memberships start at $69 per month for individuals, and class packs are available.

Wellness Studio | Restore Hyper Wellness | Valleywide

With several locations across Metro Phoenix and nationwide, Restore Hyper Wellness is a one-stop wellness center offering a wide range of holistic modalities under one roof. Memberships start at $99 up to $350 per month, depending on the services chosen, with core offerings such as red-light therapy, infrared sauna, compression and cryotherapy included. The company started in 2015 focusing on cryotherapy and has expanded its offerings to IV drip therapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, skin services and more. Self-proclaimed cutting-edge therapies focus on decreasing inflammation, optimizing sleep, boosting energy and defying the signs of aging. The company aims to empower bodies to do what they are designed to do, requiring as little intervention as possible.

Note: Nonmedical in nature, these wellness modalities and information were compiled via various sources and interviews. Please consult your doctor to see if they are right for you. 

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