10 Questions: Sybil Francis

1. Why was The Center for the Future of Arizona founded? CFA was born from a love for Arizona and a desire to help our state succeed. It all started in 2002, when Lattie Coor, outgoing president of Arizona State University, and I met to discuss how to build on his idea to create an […]

10 Questions: Tricee Thomas

When did your interest in fashion begin? My entire family has always loved fashion, but I was inspired by my grandmother. At the age of 4, I would play dress-up in her wardrobe and jewelry and thought it was the best thing in the world. I just knew it would be my life. Today, I […]

10 Questions: Matt King

Executive director of the Arizona Basketball Coaches Association Tell us about yourself. Do you have a background in basketball? I walked on as a basketball player at the University of New Mexico. I was a three-time all-state player in high school but was a Division II basketball player masquerading on a Division I team. My […]

10 Questions: Aaron Rippenkroeger

1. January is National Human Trafficking Prevention Month. Can you explain what human trafficking is? Human trafficking occurs when someone engages in commercial sex or labor due to force, fraud or coercion. Having at least one of those three elements is essential for it to be considered trafficking. Most people tend to think of sex […]

10 Questions: Glen Spencer

1. Tell us about yourself. I’m very fortunate to be working in my second 
career as an HIV community leader following my own diagnosis in 2002, which ended my first career. I will live to see an end to the HIV epidemic! I’m also fortunate to have been partnered for 17 years, and 
we love […]

10 Questions with Paul Horton

CBS 5 chief meteorologist 1. What made you want to be a meteorologist? I went through Hurricane Hugo during my first year of college, and it blew my university down and tore the roof off our house. I saw firsthand how powerful Mother Nature can be, and after that, I was hooked on meteorology. 2. […]

10 Questions with Char and Alan Augenstein

Philanthropists and arts supporters Where did you move to Arizona from, and when? CHAR: We were excited to have the opportunity to make Arizona our forever home beginning in 2003, albeit sad to leave the wonderful experience we had in Kansas City for the previous 13 years. We started our professional careers in Pittsburgh, living […]

10 Questions With Shannon Clancy

Associate executive director of St. Vincent de Paul 1. St. Vincent de Paul provides comprehensive services. Can you describe its operations around the Valley? St. Vincent de Paul works to feed, clothe, house and heal people in need across the Valley while providing community members the opportunity to serve. We offer direct support services to […]

10 Questions With Todd Driggers, DVM

Exotic animal veterinarian 1. You specialize in exotic animal medicine and surgery. How did you get into this? It’s true, I only practice on exotic animals and have been doing this since graduation in 1994. As a child, I loved and still love my dogs and cats but was fascinated with the biology of wild […]

10 Questions With Jason Franklin

Co-founder of Sportiqe 1. What is Sportiqe? Sportiqe is a modern American comfort-wear brand that, at its core, wants to make people feel more comfortable in their everyday life. We started it because we realized that there was a displaced customer going to events, concerts and just traveling that wanted to be more comfortable and […]