10 Questions With…Sandy Magruder

Philanthropist and community champion Your family is well known for giving. Why is giving back so important to you?We have been very blessed and feel that “to whom much is given, much should be required.” Do you have a favorite memory of family philanthropy?The year I agreed to chair the Heart Ball, I asked my daughters […]

10 Questions With…Deborah Carstens

Principal of Carstens Family Funds Where did you move to Arizona from, and when?I came here in 1999 from Telluride, Colorado. What was the first organization you supported in the Valley?Arizona Foundation for Women, which is still one of my favorites. Your affiliations and community involvement are impressive. Why do you choose to be involved […]

10 Questions With…Julia C. Patrick

CEO of the American Nonprofit Academy, co-host of ‘The Nonprofit Show’ and founder and original publisher of Frontdoors Congratulations on Frontdoors turning 20! What does this milestone mean to you? My first thought is, “Wait. Twenty years? Where did the time go? Am I really 20 years older? Why did you start Frontdoors? I felt […]

10 Questions With…Kathie Lee Gifford

Celebrated entertainer and four-time Emmy winner  It’s a new year! What’s on your wish list for 2022? I’m excited to start a brand-new year. This past year has been one of the busiest of my life, and I’ve enjoyed it so much. I have a new film that I’ve been working on for several years […]

10 Questions With…John Graham

Sunbelt Holdings Inc. Chairman and CEO You went to Brophy Prep. Are you a native Arizonan? I was born in Minnesota but arrived in Arizona in August of 1958 at the age of 1. I think that makes me a native. You’ve had a hugely successful career as Sunbelt Holdings chairman and CEO. How did you […]

10 Questions With…Patty & Keith Withycombe

Arizona Humane Society Capital Campaign Cabinet Co-Chairs What brought you to Arizona? PATTY:We moved to Arizona in 1972 from Ohio, where Keith was stationed as an Air Force officer. We were married in Arizona and loved the state and Phoenix — so much opportunity for a young couple!   How did you get involved with […]

10 Questions With…Oonagh Boppart

1) Where did you move to Arizona from, and when? I moved to Arizona in 1974 from Massachusetts. I am originally from London and came to America on the Queen Mary. 2) Do you have a background in the arts? I have a degree in music and come from an artsy family. There was always […]

10 Questions: Sybil Francis

1. Why was The Center for the Future of Arizona founded? CFA was born from a love for Arizona and a desire to help our state succeed. It all started in 2002, when Lattie Coor, outgoing president of Arizona State University, and I met to discuss how to build on his idea to create an […]

10 Questions: Tricee Thomas

When did your interest in fashion begin? My entire family has always loved fashion, but I was inspired by my grandmother. At the age of 4, I would play dress-up in her wardrobe and jewelry and thought it was the best thing in the world. I just knew it would be my life. Today, I […]

10 Questions: Matt King

Executive director of the Arizona Basketball Coaches Association Tell us about yourself. Do you have a background in basketball? I walked on as a basketball player at the University of New Mexico. I was a three-time all-state player in high school but was a Division II basketball player masquerading on a Division I team. My […]