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The Phoenix Symphony has announced an initiative to train teachers to integrate music into STEM (science, technology, engineering and math). It is the first symphony program of its kind in the nation. By learning through music, students will be provided new, creative ways to learn science and math concepts.


“I am very proud of the growth that our Education and Community Engagement department has made. As an organization, we are dedicated to the support and advancement of music education and as the largest arts organization in Arizona, it is our responsibility to help supplement music education, not just in schools, but for everyone in this state,” said Jim Ward, president and CEO of The Phoenix Symphony.


Through Mind Over Music, The Phoenix Symphony is establishing the power of music as an effective instructional tool for learning STEM concepts and investing in rigorous scientific evaluation to provide data for stakeholders, policymakers and the general public. As support for music education decreases in Arizona, particularly in high-poverty districts, Mind Over Music fills an important need and demonstrates the importance of music as a vital component of the core curriculum.


The launch event, hosted at ASU Preparatory Academy in downtown Phoenix, featured a pep-rally style kickoff and classroom concert for nearly 400 students and parents. School administrators and elected officials joined the kickoff.


"I want to thank The Phoenix Symphony for their commitment for enriching our student's lives with music," said John Huppenthal, state superintendent of public instruction. "The very best research now tells us that the arts are critical to the development of the whole child and that the integration of the arts and sciences educates each child more expansively and more powerfully."


Ms. Myriam Roa, superintendent of Phoenix Elementary School District No. 1, added, "We are so thankful and honored to be part of Mind Over Music, by The Phoenix Symphony. This provides a great opportunity to integrate the power of music into our core curriculum. We are firm believers that music and the arts are a vital component of the curriculum and in driving overall student achievement. Our students will benefit greatly."

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