Pro Tip of the Month: It’s More Than an Initiative

This month’s tip comes courtesy of Teniqua Broughton, the founder of VerveSimone Consulting.

“If your organization makes the commitment to improve its equity, diversity, belonging, justice and inclusion framework, it’s important to consider one cannot just slip into this work. The organization should recognize its history, define its whys for this work and acknowledge that the journey ahead will take time. This journey consists of understanding the 3 Cs.

Culture: your standards, policies, compensation, people, leadership, organizational structure, environment and atmosphere.

Change management: the process by which your organization leads its employees to adapt change through strategy, communication, leadership innovation and commitment to improve and grow using resources, processes and modes of operations.

Co-creation: the process by which your employees contribute to the design and creation of things directly impacting them, which leads to improved solutions and higher levels of engagement.

Without a solid understanding of how the 3 Cs play a critical role in equity practice in the workplace, your organization won’t be ready to embark on strong equity practice and principles for long-term sustainability.”

VerveSimone Consulting helps organizations in the nonprofit sector lead for change through a variety of programs focused on equity readiness, leadership coaching and assessments that result in organizational findings and strategy recommendations. For more behind this Frontdoor, visit

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