Survival of the Slowest Debuts at Arizona Science Center

Live sloths, scorpions and snakes come to Arizona Science Center in February

Sometimes being slow, small or weak can have its advantages. Survival of the Slowest, the newest exhibition at Arizona Science Center, proves just that from Feb. 5 through Aug. 7.

In the exhibition, visitors meet live animals such as a pair of two-toed sloths, a green iguana, a red-footed tortoise, a four-toed hedgehog and several other species, highlighting the advantages of being slow, along with some of the disadvantages of being fast. Guests will explore dozens of habitats teeming with live animals and discover their counterintuitive adaptations and surprising strategies for survival.

Survival of the Slowest looks at the often-overlooked species that are slow, small or lack strength and how they have used these traits to help them survive — and even thrive — in a world where large, strong and fast animals are often the top of the food chain,” said Dean Briere, The Hazel A. Hare Interim CEO of Arizona Science Center. “Guests will get to see these intriguing animals and take time to consider how they survive and interact with their world.”

Live animal presentations are scheduled throughout the day with wildlife educators and animal care staff on hand to educate the audiences and provide an interactive, hands-on approach with wildlife.

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