Next Doors: Connecting Complicated Issues

Arizona Town Hall’s conversations show how much needs to be done to create healthier families and communities By Tom Evans             It’s a fairly simple premise — create an environment where Arizonans from all walks of life can discuss some of the issues affecting our state.             But what the Arizona Town Hall has found […]

Next Doors: Honoring While Learning

Veterans Heritage Project documents stories of heroes while enlightening young people Ashley Durham was a sophomore at Cactus Shadows High School when she met a man by the name of Frank Lambert. On the surface, you wouldn’t think they would click. After all, what would a 14-year-old high school student have to talk about with […]

Next Doors: A Reimagined Rio

Project seeks to restore the artery of the Valley If you’ve studied your Arizona history, you may know of the Great Papago Escape. If you’re not familiar with it, the escape is probably the most noteworthy story from World War II that took place within the state’s boundaries. The U.S. government operated a prisoner of […]

Next Doors: Crossing Borders

Crossing Borders CALA Alliance is mending wounds through the arts By Tom Evans Our humble publication is not political by nature. But we do believe in diversity and its importance to our community, which is the theme this month as we look at those in the Valley who are working toward a more inclusive, integrated […]

Next Doors: The Genesis of a Brighter Future

Genesis City Provides Youth with a Second Chance at an Education Tom Evans | Contributing Editor Life is rarely linear. Yet when it comes to getting an education, our society is oddly conditioned to think that everyone is going to be able to do it on the same time frame. And life can often be […]