Defenders of Children Hosts Unique Educational Event for Families

The Event: Education Today for a Brighter Tomorrow
The Cause: Defenders of Children 
Event Date: June 25, 2022
Location: Children’s Museum of Phoenix

Notable Moments:
This lively event focused on expanding the young minds that are a part of the Defenders of Children programs, and most importantly, reminding them that they are very special individuals. The family-fun day included opportunities to play and dance with Elsa from Frozen, bicycle giveaways, Build-A-Bear teddy bears, and gift bags filled with toys and treats for everyone. Adding to the experience, guests enjoyed the Elote Man food truck, the Dungan Dogs hot dog truck, Kona Ice AND a bubble foam party!

The true highlight was watching more than 300 children and their families have a special experience and kids being kids, including lots of hugs!

Executive Director Johanna Fierstein and one happy kiddo!

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