Charity Spotlight: Beyond the Touchdown

Organization: The Larry Fitzgerald Foundation


Founder — Larry Fitzgerald Jr.

Executive director — Danielle Frost


Former NFL wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald Jr. founded The Larry Fitzgerald Foundation in 2005 in honor of his mother, Carol Fitzgerald, who died of breast cancer in 2003. Since then, the foundation has worked to provide youth with the educational tools they need to thrive and to support women, men and families affected by breast cancer.


The Larry Fitzgerald Foundation has two missions: to support youth education and breast cancer awareness. 

To serve youth, the foundation promotes reading proficiency and provides access to after-school programs, sports camps and technology for kids in grades K-12. This includes bridging the digital gap to ensure that under-resourced communities have the tools and skills needed to advance in the ever-growing world of technology.

The Larry Fitzgerald Foundation also provides resources, education and support to individuals and families impacted by breast cancer. Recognizing breast cancer’s repercussions on underserved communities and the lack of available resources has created an ongoing need the foundation feels obligated to fulfill.

Annual Budget:

The foundation has a giving goal of $700,000 per year to organizations doing effective work in the community. Fitzgerald also looks for ways to inspire giving on the part of his corporate partners to create additional pathways of contribution.

Program Highlight: 

Something that sets The Larry Fitzgerald Foundation apart is its commitment to face time. “We really prioritize human interaction,” said Frost, the foundation’s executive director. 

Frost worked with Fitzgerald for over a decade, helping to produce his charity events before making the transition to the foundation. Now, she and Fitzgerald are on the ground year-round, engaging with community members, grantees and partners through community events. “This provides us first-hand information about the critical needs in the community, and then allows us to effectively address those needs,” Frost said.

Newly Launched:

The Breast Believe campaign, led by The Larry Fitzgerald Foundation, aims to educate communities about early detection, prevention, symptoms, treatments, resources and access surrounding a breast cancer diagnosis. 

The foundation believes that having a chance to connect with a community that understands and can help navigate the journey after diagnosis is critical to a patient’s mental and physical well-being, as well as their survival. 

Most Surprising Thing About the Organization:

As a breast cancer survivor herself, Frost understands the importance of having support and resources. She is honored to use her experience to advocate and improve the lives of others through her work with the foundation. “My journey has truly inspired me to want to continue to find ways to help others,” Frost said.

Biggest Wins:

While Fitzgerald holds many records with the Arizona Cardinals and the NFL, his proudest accomplishments have happened off the field. He was named the 2016 Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year Award — the NFL’s highest honor recognizing charitable work — and his philanthropic work goes on.

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