Small Wonders

The new original Heard Museum exhibition Small Wonders provides the opportunity to see a range of intricately made small-format works including jewelry—rings, brooches, earrings and buckles—and specialty items such as silver seed pots and fetishes or stone carvings. Each work of art is shaped in silver, gold or from a variety of gemstones, and all are from the Heard Museum’s permanent collection. The show opened March 19 and is on view through fall 2021.

Highlights in the exhibition include the miniatures fabricated in silver, such as a treehouse made by Shawn Bluejacket (Shawnee), which has a removable roof and is fully equipped with a slide and a table with a hinged tabletop that, when opened, reveals a bundle of carrots that Bluejacket painted on the interior. Other silver highlights include a yo-yo by Daniel Sunshine Reeves (Navajo), a teapot with coral inlay by Darrell Jumbo (Navajo) and a tray and teapot set by Elizabeth Martha Whitman (Navajo).

For those who enjoy jewelry, there is an assortment of brooches, many in animal and insect forms, as well as complex figurative works by Denise Wallace (Chugach Sugpiaq/Alutiiq) and more traditional works in silver with inset turquoise. The exhibition is curated by Diana Pardue, chief curator, and Velma Kee Craig (Diné), assistant curator.

Small Wonders

Through fall 2021
Heard Museum

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