Young Philanthropist Donates Gifts

Posted By on May 13, 2021
Rather than presents, Olivia asked for contributions to be donated to charity.

In Jewish tradition, a mitzvah is a commandment, but also a good deed that’s performed with a good heart. And that’s just what Olivia, a local seventh-grader, did when she asked family and friends to give to New Pathways for Youth rather than accept gifts for her bat mitzvah.

Olivia’s generosity turned into $10,500 that will create transformational opportunities for young people in our community by fully funding several new enrollments in the New Pathways program.

Even at her young age, Olivia is an old hand at fundraising — she has been raising funds for New Pathways for Youth since she was 5. Asked for advice on making the ask, she said, “The worst you’re gonna get is someone’s gonna say no.”

Frontdoors media salutes this passionate young philanthropist for finding a fantastic way to celebrate a milestone while creating new possibilities for youth in our community.

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