Style Unlocked: The Fashionable Travels of Abby Leadon

Posted By on February 25, 2021

This article has a special place in my heart. As we look forward to spring and summer, I wanted to feature a traveling fashionista. The first person who popped into my mind was Abby Leadon.

Abby is my cousin and has been involved with many of my important life lessons. When I was 3, she taught me to roller skate. At 4, I was given her fabulous rabbit-fur coat. And when I was 14, she took me shopping for my first designer handbag. To say that I have looked to Abby for fashionable inspiration would be an understatement. And Abby is much more than a fashion role model. She’s a wife, mother of two, business owner and always ready to show her support for the community.

Now, come with me on a little journey into the life of Abby.

When arriving at the Leadon household on a sunny Arizona day, I was greeted by Abby, wearing a familiar dress. “This is the dress I wore when Kory proposed to me!” she said. Since their romantic wedding four years ago, life has changed in many ways for Abby. For starters, there are now four members of the Leadon family. Darling Olivia Rose arrived in 2019 and the adorable Kai Zane made his appearance a few months ago. Their household is busy and full of happiness.

As I walked into Abby’s fabulous closet (while 2-year-old Olivia showed me she could twirl like a big girl), I was excited to hear about her fashion choices in recent years. Abby’s fashion philosophy is an evolving expression of who she is, trends that resonate with her and her stage in life. Her earliest memories of being a little girl include shopping trips and dressing up. This all led to a career in fashion as a buyer for a high-end boutique for 10 years. “I loved knowing what the next trend would be before it hit the stores,” Abby said. During this time, she pushed the envelope with her personal style, and it helped to have such immediate access to the hottest looks. Now that she’s a mom of two, Abby said, “I am a bit more toned down and tend to stick to more of the classics, with a few fun trends thrown in.”

Abby has created a tradition of acquiring many of her most treasured items while traveling. She says looking at each piece in her closet brings back memories of the trips and vacations with friends, family and, now, her husband and children. Her favorite? “The Celine bag I got in Monaco while on my honeymoon, or the Valentino clutch and shoes I got in New York while dating my husband.” She will also seek out special items when traveling. “If I know a designer or store is based in a country I am visiting, or if they have a one-of-a-kind item I can only get there (or can get a better deal on), I will look up where those stores are and make sure to put them on the itinerary. A few of my faves are the Louis Vuitton store in Paris on the Champs-Élysées, Harrods in London, and the Dior store and cafe in Saint-Tropez.”

Abby admits that this past year has changed everything, as it has for us all. For her, 2020 included quarantining, staying home, being pregnant (her son was born in November) and living in athleisure wear.

Her go-tos include the Lululemon Align pant and Lorna Jane tops and sports bras. To dress it up over the summer, it was flowy maxi dresses, which Abby calls “always a favorite!”

She summed up the situation well: “I often joke that the rest of my wardrobe and shoes must wonder what happened to me this year.” Post-baby, Abby prefers a crisp white shirt or t-shirt, her favorite Mother jeans and pieces to dress up if needed — strappy sandals, a cute blazer and a crossbody purse do the trick every time.

Looking forward, Abby can’t wait to travel again. The good news is that she is headed to Maui in April with her husband and children and will be meeting up with friends and family. She said, “I had the opportunity to travel a lot with my family growing up and I truly think it broadens your horizons and teaches you so much about life, other cultures and the beauty in our world. I’m so grateful that my husband shares my love for travel and am excited to continue this tradition with Olivia and Kai.”

I can’t wait to see what she comes back with.

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