Stand Up and Play Foundation Donates Paragolfer to Ability360

Posted By on April 26, 2021
Stand Up and Play Foundation founder and professional golfer Anthony Netto demontrating the Paragolfer.

The nonprofit Stand Up and Play Foundation has donated an adaptive golf cart, called a paragolfer, to Ability360 to provide mobility challenged veterans and community members the chance to enjoy outdoor therapy and outdoor sports.

The donation was supported by a generous donation from Carl’s Jr. managers, team members and guests who are customers of StarCorp, LLC’s 52 Arizona restaurants.

“We know that Ability360 is the right place for this equipment because so many individuals in the community will have access with the best training to enjoy in a safe environment,” said Stand Up and Play Foundation Founder Anthony Netto. “The Stand Up and Play Foundation is proud to partner with Ability360 for this donation that would not be possible without the steadfast support from Carl’s Jr. StarCorp of Arizona, their employees and customers.”

The Stand Up and Play Foundation mission is to provide wheelchair users and others with impaired mobility the opportunity to stand up and engage in recreational and everyday activities through access to paramobiles, clinics and recreational programs.

“StarCorp LLC, a Carl’s Jr. franchisee with 52 locations in Arizona, is proud to support Stand Up and Play,” said StarCorp LLC President and Chief Financial Officer Warren Forsythe. “Thanks to the efforts of our managers, team members and the incredible generosity of our guests, we have raised more than $24,000 for Stand Up and Play. We are honored to be able to contribute a paragolfer to the organization that will no doubt change a veteran’s life.”

The paragolfer mechanically, easily and safely, lifts the user, who is belted onto the lift, into a standing position to be able to swing.

“We are deeply grateful for this generous donation that will enable veterans with disabilities to participate in a sport they love,” said Ability360 Sports & Fitness Center Vice President and General Manager Gus LaZear. “We have seen many times the transformation that results when a person who thought they’d never play golf, or any sport for that matter, again to be able to get back in the game. It’s deeply heart-warming, both for the individuals, their families and those of us lucky enough to witness the experience.”

Ability360 runs a weekly golf program for golfers with disabilities to play nine holes at Encanto and Aguila Golf courses. Through a collaboration with St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center, patients undergoing rehab participate in the program.

Golf pros at each course provide coaching and technique training for participants.

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