Protecting Your Property: Summer Safety Tips

Posted By on April 22, 2013

How will you protect your home, your children, and of course, your pets around the house this summer? From landscaping maintenance to plumbing repairs, there’s often a lot to deal with! The winter months can often take their toll on a home, especially when it comes to the plumbing, so summer is the best time to make any repairs and maintain a home. Visit for great tips and tricks on how to select the right plumbing company for you.

City Property Management, one of the largest and the only locally owned HOA management company, managing more than 286 homeowners associations across Arizona is offering Valley residents summer safety tips going into the hottest months of the year.

“These are no-brainers, simple summer safety tips but they are worth repeating,” said Brian Lincks, President of City Property Management. “Every year we see senseless tragedies when people leave children unattended and pets outside or in hot vehicles and we just all need reminders on how we can better protect our loved ones and valuables. I would encourage all of our landlords to pass this information on to their tenants.”

Ultimately, when working as a landlord one of the biggest parts of managing a rental property involves working with tenants. Moreover, since clients are a part of your daily life as a landlord or building owner, it is vital that you find quality tenants to rent your space. However, finding tenants is sometimes easier said than done. Consequently, reaching out to a rental management company can help you to run your property efficiently so that your tenants will remain happy and satisfied.

Above all, if you are a property owner or a landlord, and if you feel like you cannot tend to your building or the needs of your tenants in a timely and efficient manner, then hiring a property management company could be the perfect solution. Accordingly, if you would like to learn more about the advantages of outsourcing these responsibilities, then there are some fantastic property management companies out there that can help you to work out the best possible solution for your needs. You may also want to ensure that you know the laws and practices that come with property management. With the aid of law firms similar to Norton and Associates, you can ensure that you and your renters are free from any potential liabilities that may happen.

For now, though, let us discuss some essential summer tips for homeowners and landlords.


• Make arrangements for someone to take care of your trash/recycle cans if necessary and any newspapers that you have delivered.
• Call your paper to have delivery stopped while you are gone.
• If you will be gone more than a few days you can go to the Postal Service web site to download a form for stopping and restarting your mail delivery.
• Turn off the water to your home and drain the hot water heater.
• Make sure the backyard and pool gates are closed and locked.
• Deactivate your garage door opener.


• Keep pets and children inside during the summer months.
• If you must leave your pets in the back yard, ensure they have plenty of fresh and clean water, shade and a fan on the patio floor.
• Don’t let children play unattended in the backyard.
• Keep pool gates closed and locked. A locked pool gate will aid in keeping children out of the pool when adults are not present. Also, many smaller dogs cannot climb out of many of the in-ground pools.
• For your pet –keep a child’s wading pool in the shade with fresh water allowing animals to cool off in. Remember to watch young children around the wading pool and change the water daily to prevent mosquitoes.
• If you have a birdbath, fill it each day with fresh water for our winged friends.
• Keep animals and children out of unattended cars. Temperatures in the vehicle can rise to more than 150 degrees in minutes.


Your friend Fido….may not be your neighbor’s friend. Some pet owners may forget that not everyone loves Fido.
• If your pet has a barking problem, please be a responsible pet owner and respect and remember your neighbors.
• You are not only disturbing neighbors which is a CC&R compliance matter, but also a City code violation.


• If you are out and about the neighborhood and notice any common area problems such as broken sprinklers, downed trees or other landscape concerns, please report them to your HOA Manager or Board Member.
• Your vigilance will bring quicker solutions to the problems. If you witness suspicious activity, call the local authorities.


We have the following information as recommended by a local landscaper to make dealing with weeds a little easier as weeds can be a real pain! If you’re not a fan of chemical based weed treatments, this organic weed killer spray from SNS is a great alternative and can be used in the same ways as the agents listed below. Visit one of the following home improvement warehouses to get the following supplies:

• Hand Sprayer, Surflan or other pre-emergent, and Round-up or other weed killer that kills at the root
• Next, spray all granite areas with Surflan every six months. This will coat existing seeds and prevent their germination, but will not stop seeds that have already started growing.
• Round-up should be applied to existing weeds. Many inexpensive weed killers on the market only burn off foliage and leave the roots intact. Be sure to use a product that gets the root.
• Weed control is an ongoing battle and it may take 2-3 treatments to obtain noticeable results.

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