Jared Kittelson to Succeed Marc Ashton as CEO of Foundation for Blind Children

Jared Kittelson will become the next CEO of Foundation for Blind Children, effective July 1. Marc Ashton is retiring after 17 years leading FBC, and Jared’s succession will mark the end of a long transition and the start of a new era for FBC.

Kittelson is taking charge of a unique organization, home to the largest preschool for the blind in the country and the largest braille library in the country. Jared has been a teacher, principal and executive director. He has been with FBC since 2017.

In his time at FBC, he has served as director of education services, COO and associate CEO. Kittelson is a member of the 2019 Allstate Foundation Nonprofit Executive Leadership Program through the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. In 2023, he became a fellow with Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust.

Jared will guide FBC through its new strategic plan to ensure that everyone with vision loss in Arizona has access to quality services and education within the next five years. Sharing FBC’s story is a vital part of this goal because many people who go without services are simply unaware of what is out there for them.

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