Open Doors: 2019 — The Year of YES!

Posted By on December 5, 2019

            When I look at the covers of the dozen 2019 issues of Frontdoors Magazine, I am quickly reminded how each story came to be. Some of them are people I have known for decades, other stories came from an invitation to tour an organization, and some came from sitting in the audience at events — meeting those sitting with me or the presentation from stage. What do all of those relationships have in common? The word yes!

            Yes to a meeting with The Nature Conservancy in 2011 that led to working with Melani Walton.

            Yes to editor Karen Werner and I attending National Philanthropy Day and meeting the team from Grand Canyon Conservancy.

            Yes to an invitation from Linda Herold that Karen and I accepted to come meet the co-founders of F.A.B.R.I.C.

            Yes to catching up with Lin Sue Cooney over lunch at the Arizona Good Business Summit.

            Yes to honoring Nancy Hanley Eriksson for her lifetime of philanthropy.

            Yes to asking Kristine Thompson to share her family with our readers.Yes to celebrating amazing education leaders like Katherine Cecala.

            Yes to a lunch that Karen and I had with filmmaker Kristin Atwell Ford and our desire to tell the story behind the story.

            Yes to being the first publication to feature ONE Community on the cover.

            Yes to highlighting the positive youth programs being done by Phoenix police officers.

            Yes to heralding the global premiere of “Victoria the T. rex” in downtown Phoenix.

            And, yes, to sharing the incredible successes happening at Treasure House, thanks to Kurt and Brenda Warner’s love for their son.

            We can’t wait to show you what’s in store for 2020 … and what the next round of yeses will bring.

            Cheers to a beautiful holiday season with those that you love,

Andrea Tyler Evans

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