March 2020: Jill Krigsten Riley, Mari Lederman, Jennifer Moser and Renee Parsons

Posted By on March 5, 2020

March 2020 Honorees

Jill Krigsten Riley, Mari Lederman, Jennifer Moser and Renee Parsons

Co-chairs of Wish Ball 2020 benefiting Make-A-Wish Arizona

Why do you support Make-A-Wish Arizona?

JILL: Make-A-Wish Arizona creates life-changing wishes for children dealing with a critical illness. It gives children facing those illnesses something positive to look forward to. When they are going to treatment, they have the pot at the end of the rainbow to think about. And positive thoughts lead to a healthier outcome.

JENNIFER: What Make-A-Wish Arizona is doing for children gives them something happy to look forward to, which changes their lives and makes an impact on not just the child, but their families.

Describe this year’s event.

RENEE: This year is really special for Make-A-Wish Arizona as we celebrate the organization’s 40th anniversary. During the event, we’ll be reconnecting with Wish Kids from the past four decades and giving the audience an opportunity to hear and see firsthand how wishes have impacted their lives.

MARI: We are honored to celebrate the fact that the very first wish was granted right here in Arizona when a 7-year-old leukemia patient experienced what it was like to be a police officer. Forty years ago, this wish was the inspiration for Make-A-Wish today, and it is now in countries all over the world.

Why do you feel so strongly about the organization?

JILL: I was not able to have a child, so my goal in life is to leave a legacy of helping kids and their families to better health and happiness. Make-A-Wish does just that. Through granting a child’s wish, we give them hope, something to look forward to. Then when they are sharing their wish with their family, it brings such happiness to their lives and such wonderful memories. Happy and healthy memories live, no matter what the future brings.

JENNIFER: Seeing the excitement and energy in a child that is granted a wish changes everything. Knowing all of the struggles the child and their family endure, it is so special to be part of granting a wish and seeing the happiness and memories created for the family.

RENEE: A wish isn’t just about the tangible experience or object; it’s a gift that harnesses the power of hope to transform lives. This reality hits home for me every year as I get to know the Wish Kids and follow their journeys.

Tell us a fascinating fact about the organization.

MARI: One thing Frontdoors readers would be surprised to learn is about the professional wrestler and actor John Cena. John is the first celebrity to grant more than 600 wishes, more than any star in history. I am a huge fan!

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