Lori Riedel Appointed Executive Director of Smiles and Beyond

Posted By on January 20, 2021
Lori Riedel

Lori Riedel has been appointed the executive director of Smiles and Beyond, replacing CEO Linda Parker Smith.

“Our organization is delighted to welcome Lori Riedel as our new executive director,” said Maureen Perry, Smiles and Beyond board of directors President. “We believe Lori’s vast experience in oral health, education and administration perfectly aligns with our mission and will take us to the next level.”

Smith retired at the end of 2020. She started the organization as Smiles Beyond the Bars and built a network of dental healthcare providers and dental labs to help provide dental care to individuals reentering the workforce after incarceration. More than 425 women and men have received renewed, healthy smiles through the organization. 

Linda Parker Smith

Riedel was first introduced to the nonprofit sector as a counselor in a Phoenix shelter for abused women and children. She worked alongside dental professionals as a registered dental hygienist and saw how oral health affected the quality of life for all patients. 

While program director of Dental Hygiene at Fortis College in Phoenix, she started community partnerships that paired dental students with underserved individuals to supply oral health services in the community.

Recognizing a greater need, she founded Esencial Oral Health, a small nonprofit organization. Again, pairing student clinicians with charitable community organizations to supply oral health services to underserved recipients in both the United States and Mexico.

As the National Dean of Dental Hygiene Programs for Education Affiliates, LLC., Riedel was instrumental in quickly transitioning teaching from an in-person classroom experience to 100% online due to the COVID19 pandemic. 

Riedel’s Ph.D. dissertation examined veterans separate housing units within correctional facilities and found a “profound and nearly immediate effect on veteran inmate behaviors and a reduction in recidivism. Ultimately helping, not only veteran offenders, but the communities in which they reintegrate.” 

Using a similar methodology, Riedel will be able to advance the understanding of the reduction in recidivism for Smiles recipients as a result of improved oral health and restored smiles. 

Riedel holds a Ph.D. in Public Policy and Administration from Walden University, an MEd from Northern Arizona University, and is a Registered Dental Hygienist (RDH).


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