Key to the Good Life: Just Try It– Baby Foot Peel

Posted By on October 29, 2020
Just Try It Ladies

What Is Just Try It?

In the world we live in, we are overwhelmed by choices. Everywhere we look, we see new products, fashion trends, recipes, travel destinations, kitchen gadgets, you name it. We all want to “just try it” … but is it worth it? Most people don’t have that kind of time or money. That’s where we come in. Think of us as four new friends trying the latest and greatest and giving you our honest reviews.

We all recently — and somewhat skeptically — tried the trending “Baby Foot” peel and we’re here to tell you, it totally works. After about two to three weeks of INTENSE sloughing and shedding, each of us was pleasantly surprised and happily shocked as we admired our soft, smooth, callus-free feet. Baby Foot claims, “It’s not meant to look pretty, it’s meant to work.” And they are not kidding! While some of our feet started the peeling process at different times (some took three days, some took seven), we all experienced significant peeling and sloughing. Because of this, our advice is to do it in the winter when your feet are mostly covered up. Happy peeling!

The Purpose

To get rid of unsightly, dead skin cells on your feet. According to Baby Foot, those cells can build up over time and contribute to numerous problems associated with the soles of your feet, such as painful cracks.

What’s in it?

A bunch of stuff that helps exfoliate all the dead stuff and put moisture in at the same time. Ingredients include fruit acids, glycolic and citric acid, alcohol, salicylic and lactic acids as well as isopropyl.

How does it work?

Each ingredient has its own specific purpose. The fruit acids penetrate the dead layers of skin and help break up the elements that hold those layers together. Then, the alcohol makes those cells soft, while the salicylic and lactic acids create the flaking effect that is cringe-worthy, yet amazing. Here are our reviews.

Lindsey: I was expecting something dramatic to happen sooner than it did and was convinced that it didn’t work. But sure enough, after about eight or nine days, my feet started to peel massively. After most of the dead skin was off, I got a pedicure and the soak and scrub left my feet feeling amazingly soft. Highly recommend doing this once every couple of months for maintenance. Just don’t plan on wearing foot-showing shoes for a good week or two after the treatment. (And don’t do it the weekend before your beach vacay.)

Allison: It’s like a sleeper try. For days and days, even for more than a week, you wait and there’s nothing. And then it all comes off and you feel like a shedding snake. It’s a twice-a-year must!

Laura: We did it in the summer (which I don’t recommend) as we were wearing flip-flops a lot and our feet looked gross during peeling. But I was swimming with my kids daily during the peeling process, and I found that any moisture helped the peeling. If you do it in the winter, it says to soak your feet every night and I would definitely do that. At the end of the peel, when I couldn’t take it any longer, I took my foot rasp and got some of the skin off, then went and got a pedicure to get a “finished” look. My feet truly were baby soft!

Gretchen: I followed the directions to a T. I soaked my feet every night and didn’t touch or mess with my feet during the peeling. I did not experience significant peeling like the other girls. My heels hardened and turned black. I thought it wasn’t working and was terrified by my feet! Then, finally, 10 days in, I soaked my feet, grabbed my foot file and went to town and it ALL CAME OFF. It was amazing. My feet were incredibly soft and the result was fabulous. I have worked to maintain it with lotion and socks ever since, and it has worked. I definitely would try this again!


The process leaves feet and skin undamaged and, after a few weeks of pretty intense peeling and flaking, reveals fresh, healthy skin. As advertised, it leaves your feet beautiful and baby smooth.

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