Key to Strength: Sierra Signs teams up with Waste Not to help Arizonans facing food insecurity

Posted By on November 12, 2020

Key to Strength is a fundraising initiative created by Charity Charms that pairs corporations with local nonprofits to not only raise crucial funds but share the mission of the organization with the community.

Name: Teri Davis

Teri Davis

Title: President & CEO

What is your giving mission at Sierra Signs?

At Sierra Signs, we embark on many community-wide giving pathways that involve a number of charitable organizations. Our mission is to create and support long-term change that leads to financially stable and healthy individuals and families. From advocacy of issues that affect our community to lending a voice to advance and generate awareness, Sierra Signs makes philanthropic contributions both financially and in the form of donated services and promotional awareness campaigns. Through our website, we provide a platform for people to take meaningful action by making online donations to local charities.

How does Sierra Signs work with nonprofits locally?

On a local level, Sierra Signs holds ourselves accountable both personally and as a company, with a commitment to continually support both small- and large-scale key philanthropic partners in their giving campaigns. We feel the importance of participating in as many community philanthropic programs as possible. Sierra Signs recognizes the need to work with neighbors in our community and give people the tools for empowerment and nourishment.

Over several decades, Sierra Signs has helped provide emergency food assistance through continuous support of local charities with financial donations and resources of donated monument signs, banners, truck wraps, and more. Over the years, Sierra Signs has supported United Food Bank, Helen’s Hope Chest, Sunshine Acres, local high schools and universities.

What does it mean to you to be supporting Waste Not at this time?

Sierra Signs is proud to support the Waste Not “Key to Strength” campaign providing means for individuals and families in Arizona facing food insecurity caused from the economic disruption that arrived with the coronavirus pandemic. As a special “thank you” gift for your donation through the Sierra Signs website, we will give you a “Key to Strength” key fob in appreciation.

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