Key to Strength: National Bank of Arizona Leads the Charge for Smallest Cancer Warriors at Amanda Hope Rainbow Angels

Posted By on September 17, 2020

Key to Strength is a fundraising initiative created locally by Charity Charms in partnership with Frontdoors Media & that pairs corporations with local nonprofits to not only raise crucial funds but share the mission of the organization with the community.

We interviewed Pamela Keefe, Nonprofit Relationship Manager for National Bank of Arizona, about this special partnership for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

FD: What is your giving mission at National Bank of Arizona?

PK: We pride ourselves on being active members in our communities, and our mission has always been to build and maintain relationships with businesses, individuals and nonprofits all over Arizona. We live and work in the communities we serve, so we feel a personal connection to what we do. Because the truth is, we’re not just another bank – we’re neighbors, too. We believe our corporate social responsibility has something to do with the OKRs used in banking. Such software caters to team building and encourages the employees to strive well for our customers as well as the community at large. So any time there’s an opportunity for us to get involved, whether it’s through corporate philanthropy, volunteering or just being a resource for folks, we get to work. That’s who we are as an organization, and who we’ll continue to be.

Pamela Keefe

FD: Tell us about your role at NB|AZ ?

PK: As the Nonprofit Relationship Manager, I wear a lot of different hats. The first thing I do is assist nonprofit organizations with their banking, whether it’s banking services, treasury management or investment. Compared to traditional businesses, nonprofits have unique needs and things to consider when it comes to their banking, which means I also serve as a ‘quarterback’ for the client and collaborate with my colleagues all across National Bank of Arizona to make sure our clients are getting service tailored to their unique needs. More than anything, I see myself as an advocate for our nonprofit clients. So aside from helping nonprofits with their banking, I also work hard to connect them with other like-minded organizations because I truly believe there is power in that kind of collaboration.

FD: How does NB|AZ work with nonprofits?

PK: For us, doing what we do is about more than just business – it’s personal. Aside from assisting nonprofits with their banking, we also encourage our employees to volunteer. Last year, for example, our employees gave back more than 10,000 hours of their personal time to their communities through volunteering at 225 nonprofits across the state. We’re thrilled to do anything we can to go into our communities and be of service to others. While monetary donations to nonprofits are vital and important, we like to take things a step further and pitch in to help do the work.

FD: What does it mean to you to be supporting Amanda Hope Rainbow Angels at this time?

PK: I can’t imagine what it must be like for a child to undergo cancer treatments at any time, but at a time like this – with the coronavirus pandemic, social distancing requirements and drastic changes we’ve all had to make in our day-to-day lives – I imagine it must be doubly difficult to experience. So my heart goes out to these children and their families. That’s why we’re proud to team up with Amanda Hope Rainbow Angels, because what this organization does is bring smiles to children’s faces and give them joy. They’re a beam of light for so many children and that’s more important than ever.

FD: How else is NB|AZ supporting nonprofits during this challenging time?

PK: One of the first and most noticeable impacts of COVID-19 for nonprofits was a significant drop in revenue and volunteers. Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits conducted a poll in June and found a loss of $53 million in revenue for Arizona nonprofits, coupled with almost 3,000 reported layoffs and just over 36,000 fewer volunteers. What that equates to is not only nonprofits having to cut back in their work, but for many, it could mean a struggle to keep the doors open. When the CARES Act was passed, which provided funding for small businesses to keep employees on the payroll through the Paycheck Protection Program, we knew we had to get to work to help Arizona nonprofits access this vital lifeline. When all was said and done, we were able to help 310 nonprofits and 501(c)(3) organizations get loans from this program so they could keep doing the great things they’re doing for our communities.

FD: Anything you’d like the public to know about your efforts to assist Arizonans in their time of need and help them stay healthy and safe?

PK: During this moment of uncertainty, we know that now, more than ever, folks are depending on their relationships with their bankers. So, aside from doing the practical things like enacting CDC guidelines for social distancing and cleanliness to provide our clients with clean, safe environments, we also saw this as an opportunity to double down on our relationships with our clients and communities. For us, that means being proactive and reaching out to folks to let them know we’re here to serve them, strengthening the relationships we have in our communities and working hard to build new ones. It may sound a little cliché to say this, but we’re all in this together, and we genuinely believe that.

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