February 2020: Tracy and Louis Basile

Posted By on February 6, 2020

February 2020 Honorees

Tracy and Louis Basile

Co-chairs of the 2020 Gala: A Night in Morocco benefiting Child Crisis Arizona

Why do you support Child Crisis Arizona?

TRACY: At the time we became aware of Child Crisis Arizona and their work, we had our own young kids. It became very apparent to us that our kids had every opportunity in the world, and not every child has that.

LOUIS: We’ve always made it a personal priority to give back to our community. We knew as we grew our business, the heart and soul of our business had to grow with it, in the company and the community.

Describe this year’s event.

LOUIS: At this year’s gala, we will receive the inaugural Legacy of Love Award to honor our years of service to Child Crisis Arizona. The award is a tremendous honor and will be a tradition moving forward.

Why do you feel so strongly about this organization?

TRACY: I was adopted by my stepfather when I was young and have been blessed to have that strong father figure in my life. As a couple, we have always tried to teach our kids the importance of giving back, and we’ve had several experiences where we have been able to see the impact our giving has had.

Favorite restaurant in Arizona:

LOUIS: While we do love Wildflower, we also love Rancho Pinot in Scottsdale. We’ve known the owner for many years, and she is incredibly creative and talented.

Favorite place to travel:
TRACY: The Jersey Shore. We love to spend time there as a family. Not only do we love being on the water, but we also love being surrounded by family and friends at every single meal and sharing good food with the people we love.

Fun fact about you:
LOUIS: I have been in the restaurant industry since my childhood, and Wildflower has been around since 1996, but I am not a trained chef.

Thank you to our February 2020 Cheers to the Chairs Runners-Up:

  • Latasha Causey & Drena Kusari

Tribute to Leadership “Dare to Be Powerful” luncheon co-chairs benefiting Arizona YWCA Metropolitan Phoenix

  • Dr. Sheetal Chhaya & Kerrie Addante Jacobs

Dancing with the Stars Arizona 2020 co-chairs benefiting National Kidney Foundation of Arizona

To learn more about Child Crisis Arizona, go to childcrisisaz.org.

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