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Lou Stanley WEBLouis Stanley isn’t just the Executive Director of Friends of Public Radio Arizona; he’s got a lot of professional hats.  While ensuring the future vitality of the community’s public radio service stations KJZZ 91.5 and KBAQ 89.5, Lou is collaborating on educational projects like SPOT127.   The KJZZ youth media center in Phoenixis empowering students to develop skills in digital media.  This year’s First Press Fine Wine Auction will benefit the new opening of SPOT127.
KJZZ is also focused on securing funding to launch two new reporting desks in 2013-14.  These will complement the current regional network of reporters operating the Fronteras Changing America Desk, which covers the southwest region from San Antonio, Texas to San Diego and north to Las Vegas.  The two new desks will include reporting teams specializing in the topics of Science, Health and Technology under an Innovation Desk and in business and economics under the Future Phoenix Business Desk.
Finish the statement, “I …
Crave… More time to spend with my dogs Roxie and Bailey.
Avoid… Shopping at malls!
Desire…   A more civil and thoughtful society.
Battle… Leaving the office at a reasonable time.
Lack…  The discipline to follow through on a regular exercise regimen.
Hear…  too much anger and recitation in conversation rather than individual thought and civil discussion.
Loathe…    Intolerance.
Cherish… The relationships and friendships I’ve made during 25 years of working in this field.
Miss…  Late summer evenings sitting with my parents and talking.
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