Cheers to the Chairs! Honoring Nikki Shaffer and Lindy Smith

Posted By on December 16, 2020
Nikki Shaffer and Lindy Smith

Festival of Trees Co-Chairs benefiting Arizona Burn Foundation

How did you get involved with the Arizona Burn Foundation?

NIKKI: My gal pal Lindy Smith has been involved with the foundation for several years, and my husband, Chris, is a Phoenix firefighter and member of the Arizona Emerald Society, which delivers the Christmas trees post-gala every year. I was fortunate to get involved by consulting with the Festival of Trees chairs in 2015 and then joined the planning committee in 2018.

LINDY: I began attending the Festival of Trees in 2006 when I was working at the Arizona Burn Center. I witnessed the amazing work ABF does first-hand and instantly knew I wanted to be involved. Both my mom and stepdad chaired the Festival of Trees in the past and I was honored to be asked to be a co-chair for the 2020 festival.

Why do you support ABF?

LINDY: Working at the Arizona Burn Center allowed me to experience all the good ABF does in real-time. I would be there when a family was brought in by ambulance with an injured family member and have nothing but the clothes on their back and their purse/wallet (most of the time). ABF would immediately jump to action. They would provide lodging, food vouchers, transportation vouchers, clothes, the list goes on and on. Their work didn’t end there. That was, in fact, just the beginning of their involvement with the families. I support ABF because they are a necessity to burn survivors and their families.

Surprising fact about you:

NIKKI: I have been an event director for 16 years and have planned more than 1,000 events. Some were for high-profile clients like Steve Martin, Zac Brown Band, NBA, NFL, Pepsi and the Super Bowl XLIX.

Proudest accomplishment:

NIKKI: I went from walking a VERY slow mile to running a half marathon in 10 weeks. I have two toddlers and I wanted them to see their mom accomplish a goal from start to finish.

LINDY: My proudest accomplishment is the work I do as the events manager at the 100 Club of Arizona. I have always had a love for events — hosting and attending — and I am proud that I was able to take my passion and make it my career.

Favorite quote:

LINDY: “Every day may not be good … but there is good in every day.”

Best advice you’ve ever received:

NIKKI: My husband always says, “Be a warrior, not a worrier.”

Favorite journey:

NIKKI: Well, Journey hasnt really been the same since Steve Perry left, but the new guy is doing the best he can. (Kidding!) My favorite journey so far has been raising my children and watching them experience everything for the first time.

LINDY: I have two incredible sons that challenge me every day. They make me laugh all the time, and cry sometimes. They give me confidence that I don’t think I would have otherwise. Most importantly, they remind me that there is still such innocence in childhood and they deserve to experience it.

Secret talent:

NIKKI: I am the queen of multitasking.

LINDY: I can recite almost every line from the TV show “Friends.”

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