Cheers to the Chair! Honoring Ivy Ciolli & Tracy Katz

Posted By on April 29, 2021
Ivy Ciolli & Tracy Katz. Photo courtesy of Scott Foust Studios

Cheers to the Chair! Ivy Ciolli & Tracy Katz

How did you get involved with Childhelp?

Ivy: My husband attended the gala eight years ago when it was at Barrett-Jackson and came home to tell me about the two ladies who started the organization by helping orphaned Japanese-American children. That organization has evolved over the last 60 years into being international, with a hotline, advocacy center, multiple villages, foster care and adoption services that have helped over 11 million children. My philanthropic focus has always been on animals and children, so Childhelp was a charitable organization I fell in love with from the moment I met the ladies.

Why do you support Childhelp?

Tracy: I support Childhelp because of the genuinely life-saving work they do in our community. I was given the opportunity to tour the Childhelp Village in Beaumont, California, and committed that day to reprioritize my philanthropic dollars and time. The work they were doing for children coming from the most horrific abuse situations was humbling and inspiring. From advocating in Washington for victim-protecting legislation to building whole communities for the most vulnerable survivors, Childhelp sets the standard for charitable causes related to foster care.

Surprising fact about you:

Ivy: I worked for a Fortune 500 company out of college and was transferred to launch their New York City branch a year later. My first day of work in NYC was on 9/11, and my husband was on the subway to the World Trade Center to buy us Broadway tickets; we had met for the first time a week prior.

Favorite quote:

Tracy: “Be the person you needed when you were younger.” — Ayesha Siddiqi

Ivy: “Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” — Mahatma Gandhi

Favorite journey:

Tracy: My favorite journey, by far, has been India. It is spectacular — a complete feast for the senses — the sights, the smells, the flavors. Like many, I eagerly look forward to traveling again.

Ivy: Exploring nature with my children. Our journeys at our Flora Farms cottage in Cabo are always full of adventure and learning about the medicinal value of everything that grows in their fertile soil.

Secret talent:

Tracy: Making a traditional Italian Sunday dinner from scratch. In hopes of preserving tradition for her grandchildren, my little Italian mother-in-law graciously and painstakingly taught me all of her recipes. That’s a big deal for an Irish girl from Detroit!

Ivy: Naming all the presidents in order.

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