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Posted By on August 27, 2020

President & CEO of the Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce


An American Legacy: Racism, Nativism and White Supremacy” by David R. Morse

Her Take

“This thorough and comprehensive historical account is a deep dive into the origins of systemic racism in the U.S. The Phoenician researcher and author David Morse explores history from the perspective of minority communities. Some may call it polarizing or divisive, but I would call it WOKE! Combining his love of history and deep knowledge about multicultural communities, David’s new book is sure to help students of U.S. history, political science, ethnic studies and labor relations understand the many complex layers of discrimination and racism throughout U.S. history and foster an informed conversation as the nation continues to struggle with this issue. His book provides the foundation for honest and educated discourse on an uncomfortable topic for most, but we emerge better for it.”

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