ATHENA Valley of the Sun Honors Global & Local Women at Virtual Ceremony

Posted By on August 20, 2020

The Event: ATHENA Valley of the Sun Awards Luncheon

The Cause: ATHENA Valley of the Sun fosters the stories of the amazing Arizona women making a difference in our community. Each year, our Awards event will feature groundbreaking women in our community who lead using the ATHENA® Leadership Principles.

Global Honoree: Shelley Zalis, ATHENA Global Leadership Award

HAIL (Honoring ATHENA Inspires Leaders) Recipients: Andrea Tyler Evans, Sandra Mendez, Kristen Merrifield, Karianne Mundstedt, Katee Van Horn and Dr. Lori Wieters

Young ATHENA Recipients: Anna-Grace Sellers, Alondra Macias, Tania Ramos, Chloe Kwa, Emma Cain and Deeann Schettrer

Founders Award: Trenn Moore

Event Date: Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Notable Quote: Shelley Zalis “I always say that being uncomfortable is like wearing a new pair of high heels. The first time you wear them, they pinch. But the more you wear those shoes, the more comfortable they get. We have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable, and just say ‘Yes’.”

Photo Credit for Event Photos: Taylor Wellman – Financial Potion, Headshots courtesy of honorees

Shelley Zalis – ATHENA Global Leadership Award
Andrea Tyler Evans – Advocate Fiercely Honoree
Sandra Mendez – Learn Constantly Honoree
Kristen Merrifield – Build Relationships Honoree
Karianne Mundstedt – Live Authentically Honoree
Katee Van Horn – Act Courageously Honoree
Dr. Lori Wieters – Foster Collaboration Honoree
Notable moment: The Global Award was presented by 2019 recipient Melani Walton and virtually passed from Arizona to California by Martha Mertz, Founder of ATHENA International to Shelley Zalis.
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