April 2020: Ruby Farias

Posted By on April 2, 2020

April 2020 Honoree

Ruby Farias

Chair of the 2020 World of Wonder gala benefiting Childsplay

Why do you support Childsplay?

Childsplay is a wonderful organization that provides theater to children who may not have the opportunity to see a play. As an artist/designer, I wholeheartedly believe that theater offers an opportunity for imagination and wonderment. It also provides empathy, which in turn creates a better individual. The actors are so talented. If you’ve seen one of their plays, you know that they can play multiple roles.

What can people expect in the coming year?

The unexpected turn in our world of the coronavirus has stalled many not-for-profit organizations. I hope that I can help provide more exposure to Childsplay’s work in a variety of circles that will appreciate their efforts in our community. Childsplay is in its 43rd year, and I anticipate it will survive as they have in the past. Steve Martin, the managing director, and Dwayne Hartford, the artistic director, are so talented. I foresee some wonderful plays that will help our community in so many ways.

Talk about the impact Childsplay has on the community.

I am a firm believer that art in all forms is therapeutic. To be in an audience of children and watch them be awed by a play is very moving. Their eyes light up; they laugh, they engage. And in so many ways, as an adult, Childsplay can take you back to your childhood, and help you as an adult remember moments that have been hidden away for a very long time. That, to me, is pretty wonderful.

And now for some fun info about you. What’s your favorite restaurant in Arizona?

My kitchen. I am a really good cook!

What’s something Frontdoors readers would be surprised to learn about you:

I have had seven poems published.

Thank you to our April 2020 Cheers to the Chairs Runners-Up:

  • Sara Mayer

The Centennial Celebration chair benefiting the Phoenix Panhellenic Association

  • Lisa Pettorossi

The 12th Annual Fairytale Tea chair benefiting the Happily Ever After League

To learn more about Childplay, go to childsplayaz.org.

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