Annual Man & Woman of the Year Event Includes Person of the Decade Award for the Late Senator McCain

Posted By on November 5, 2020

The Event: Man & Woman of the Year

The Cause: Valley Leadership

Honorees: Woman of the Year – Karrin Taylor Robson / Man of the Year – Kenneth J. Schutz / Person of the Decade – U.S. Senator John S. McCain

Event Date: October 29, 2020

Leading Sponsors: Tom Ambrose, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona and BOK Financial

Notable Moments: As always, the presentation included some incredible quotes form the honorees. Accepting the award for John McCain was his son, Jack McCain, who spoke about lessons learned from his father: “You cannot have leadership without trust – that’s the fundamental cornerstone of all leadership.” He also shared advice from his father that he’ll pass on to his son: “Always serve a cause greater than your self-interest … that’s probably the best advice that you can give anybody.”

From honoree Ken Schutz on advice for how to get engaged in the community: “Think about how you can help and not wait until you’re asked – be proactive … don’t be shy about promoting yourself in fulfillment of that greater cause.”

From Karrin Taylor Robson on advice for how to get engaged in the community: “Wake up tomorrow and decide you’re going to do it. We all have it in us, we all have a responsibility to give back … just do it.”

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Photo Credit: Valley Leadership

Karrin Taylor Robson, Woman of the Year
Ken Schutz, Man of the Year, on the Job at Desert Botanical Garden
Michelle McGinty, Valley Leadership Board President
Valley Leadership Impact Makers Gave an Update on their Work despite the Pandemic
Dave Brown, Valley Leadership CEO

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